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Founded in September 2003, APET SPCA is a duly certified 501© (3) non-profit Texas corporation that has relied on private funding for operating its animal care and rescue mission. APET SPCA is located in Mineola, Texas, which is in the southern part of Wood County.

Wood County has one of the highest rates of abandoned dogs and cats in Texas. Currently, there is a need to shelter these animals until they can be rehabilitated and placed into loving homes through adoption, or be transferred to a partner rescue shelter.

In order to decrease the over-population, APET SPCA offers an active low-cost spay/neuter program to the public. Through neutering not only the abandoned animals, but also privately owned animals, the number of unwanted/abandoned animals in the area is greatly impacted. To meet the demand and reduce cost, APET SPCA applies for government grants, gives presentations to various groups, holds fundraising events and membership drives, and solicits and accepts individual donations.

Once APET SPCA was established, presentations were given to local government officials in Wood County to bring awareness to this East Texas problem and to ask for assistance. Local government funds from Wood County commissioners, and the cities of Hawkins, Mineola, Winnsboro and Yantis, TX were obtained to support APET SPCA’s low-cost animal health programs and future animal shelter.  All other APET SPCA donations come from national foundations, grants, local organizations, citizens and animal lovers.



Chairman Ann Alotto - Ann came to us mid-year 2011 as a Director and is currently the Chairman of the Board.  Having run a boarding kennel for nine years, Ann brings with her a vast knowledge of dogs and their behavior.  Her management experience from a previous career has been a great asset to APET as well.

Treasurer Gary Nash - Gary brings a wealth of experience from working with rescue groups, and fostering/adopting out animals.  He, along with his wife Gayla, relocated to the Mineola area after an administrative career with Spring Hill ISD.  His experience helps keep us in check as we take on additional responsibilities with our NEW ANIMAL CENTER.

Secretary Cindy Thatcher - Cindy has served as secretary for the past seven years.  As such, she is able to provide history and answers concerning previous policies and procedures.  She is an English teach for Mineola ISD and an asset as our proofreader.  Also, she heads up our education committee.

Director Carol Whitcomb - Carol has also been an APET board member for several years and stepped into a major role when we lost our Director of Operations.  She tackled the spay/neuter program this past summer when we received $20K in grant funds.  She worked with our vet, tracking vouchers and co-pay figures against veterinary billing - not an easy task!  Carol also serves as the voice of APET conducting mnontly radio spots about APET on KMOO 99.9.

Director Betty Porter - Betty has served on the APET board longer than any other current board member.  She has previously been the co-manger of our "Doggone Good Stuff" thrift store - our main source of income.  Betty has a special talent for placing rescued cats and dogs into  foster homes, and ultimately finding loving, forever homes.

Director Barbara Dean - Barbara is our newest board member and brings years of experience of being a vet tech.  She has agreed to serve as our Director of Animal Center Operations.  Her wealth of knowledge about policy, procedures and animal assessments is a major asset to APET-SPCA.

Director Connie Carlisle - Connie is our local "dog whisperer".  She is a magnet for stray dogs and cats, is a foster for APET-SPCA.   She has previously been the manager of our "Doggone Good Stuff" thrift store and kept that income stream coming.  There isn't a task that she doesn't tackle for APET.  

Director Randy Munoz - Randy is our newest member to the board and brings knowledge of business and grant writing along with being a dog lover.  He is currently employed by MISD and we look forward to his involvement at the Animal Center.

Several of our former board members are serving on various committees.  We look to them for their knowledge gained over the many years of service.  THANKS for what you do and have done to lay the groundwork for APET-SPCA.  You are a part of the past, present, and future.

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