We are located at 657 CR 2840, Mineola, Texas and serve all of Wood County.


Our Animal Center operates at full capacity most of the time.  In order to meet the needs of Wood County and give more animals a second chance, adoptions and foster families are the key.  If you have an animal to surrender and live within the County, please call 903-638-6902 and if no space is available, you will be placed on a wait list until we have an opening


Currently, we have an Operations Manager and two employees at the Animal Center.  The rest of the work is done by a group of volunteers.  Volunteers are critical to our operation.  There are various jobs available for our volunteers.  We work the front desk and take outside calls, we are entertained by the office dog and cat, we do laundry, and interact with the animals.  If interested, please come to the Animal Center and fill out a volunteer form.


Hours of operation:

Wednesday - Saturday 11am-4pm