Immediate Needs

We are in desperate need of kitty litter! 
Any variety will do!
Please and THANK YOU!


Our animal center needs volunteers to work both inside and out!

Outside, we need volunteers to MOW the grass!! We also need people to walk and play with our dogs.

Inside we need volunteers to do laundry, dust, play with animals, answer phone and greet public.


We are always in need of the following items:

any kitty litter

dry dog food

cat toys

durable dog toys (not stuffed)

dry cat food

liquid laundry detergent


Yard tools:

shovels & rakes & hoes

water hoses and nozzles

weed eater line

large tub or basket

weed killer

large fans

sprayers for our sanitizers


Cleaning supplies:

Clorox bleach & Clorox clean up

SolvsIt and MultiQ  (janitorial supply companies)

hand soap, liquid dish soap, hand sanitizer 

toilet cleaner

Pine Sol or other floor cleaner

Paper towels

Blue shop paper towels

toilet paper