Giving Animals a New Leash on Life!




APET SPCA’s mission is to reduce populations of unwanted dogs and cats, and to diligently work toward the goal of reducing animal cruelty, including neglect and abandonment. APET-SPCA provides an animal center for strays and reduces population by spaying and neutering all animals prior to adoptions. Also, we recognize the importance of public outreach programs and education to foster a public sentiment of responsible pet ownership. APET SPCA also seeks to expand its SPCA-type shelter in our area to provide refuge and adoption options for a multitude of homeless dogs and cats. 


2016 GOALS

  1.  Increase number of animals re-homed or saved in Wood County.
  2. Gain a partnership to offer low-cost spay and neuter to community.
  3. Conduct educational programs/projects and speak to various organizations
  4. Obtain grants and increase donations to continue keeping animals in a safe environment and future growth


Our mission will be ongoing and we hope to broaden our area of impact.


Volunteer and get on our train to success!