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My Pet is Missing!

There are many reasons a pet can go missing:

  • Someone left the gate open;
  • They dug underneath the fence;
  • They darted out the door when someone came in;
  • Out of town company let them out.

Or, sometimes, it is more nefarious and someone kidnaps or steals your pet.  If you feel a pet has been stolen, be sure to contact the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and report the crime.

What can you do to get them back?

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I Found A Pet

Has someone dropped a dog or cat off on your property?  Did you find a pet in a dangerous situation, like running down a busy road, and rescue them?  Some animals wander away from home (the infamous gate left open) and some animals are dumped by irresponsible people who have no concern for an animal’s welfare and safety.  

First of all, thank you for being a person with a kind heart that cares about the welfare of animals.

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